How to install car stereo

How to install car stereo

This reading will contain the basics of installing everything from power upgrades to how to install door speakers. I will touch power upgrades under the hood, amplifier installation, speaker installation, main unit installation and subwoofer installation.

The first thing I would recommend to anyone buying audio equipment would be to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about and then buy online! Im saying this because audio equipment tends to be far too expensive and usually most audio stores do not have exactly what you need. The system in my car was purchased online down to the call terminals I used. Even for audio installation, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that are of great benefit during the beginners assembly. All that is said is to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about, bring a budget, decide what you want from your system (high, high quality, etc.) and finally buy necessary components on the internet.

Amplifiers draw a lot of power from a car battery, so the first thing to do is to bend up the electrical system in the car. In varies in the application rate, very high power amplifiers will require a second battery and multiple amps may require a second battery but it can also be as simple as anything like the big 3. The big 3 is a basic way to improve the flow of electricity from the generator to battery to ground. For this you need some good thread I use 0 gauge wire and some ring terminals, I recommend you spend extra dollars for good call terminals. Finally you can include a fuse, but it is not necessary. Get your cables to the correct length, appropriately attached the ring terminals. Now youre ready to add the three threads, the first line goes between the positives of the alternators and the positive post on the battery. The second line runs from the ground on the engine to the negative battery power. The last thread goes from any metal that you can find in the engine compartment to the negative insert on the battery. Once you have installed these three wires, the electrical system in your car is ready for a rather powerful system.

The next thing to do is install the main unit. This part varies greatly from car to car. Newer cars may require professional installation depending on how much is integrated into the stereo component of your car. For older cars, tending to be as easy as buying an installation kit that pops the old one and pops the new one, this is where you speak with a professional come to play. A professional could tell you about these things.

After your electrical system is exhausted and your main unit is installed, amplifiers and capacitors are installed. In my setup I used two amps. So thats what Ill explain the installation of. An amp is only for the subwoofers and the other amp is for the speakers in the car. There are three wires in your car that must go from your amplifier all the way to the front of your car. This is the hardest part of the installation because it requires drilling a hole through the firewall, installing a fuse in the car and feeding the cord to the luggage compartment (where most amplifiers are placed in cars). The other two threads are the remote control, which tells the amplifier when to turn it on and off and the RCA cables are the actual audio cables. Thats all said when youre ready there should be RCA cables, remote conductors and power lines (positive) in your luggage. This is when you want to find a clean metal seat in the luggage compartment and attach a grounding cable, preferably the same meter as the power cord. When you have your ground and your positive wires, you need to add your splitters that divide your ground and your positive wires into two wires. So now in the luggage compartment you should have a power cable with splitting in two power lines, a barometric earth conductor with a splitter that divides it into two ground leads, RCA cables and a remote line. This is when you add the capacitor to the power cable to use for the subwoofer amplifier. The main function of the capacitor is to keep the current of electricity to the power constant, so if there is a voltage drop, the capacitor releases some energy. Now the installation of amplifiers is finally possible. I recommend that you find somewhere to attach the amps to your luggage instead of letting them slide around. This is when you connect the power cord to the positive connection on both amplifiers. Ground lead to negative connection on amplifier. RCA cables to the red / white / left / right ports of the amplifier. Finally, connect the remote cable to the remote port of the amplifier. Under all of these connections, the power cord should be locked to avoid shock. Once you have connected both amplifiers, turn on the fuse and turn on the main unit and make sure that the amplifiers burn with it.

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